1. Eating: Pangshit my mom made.
  2. Listening: Nine in the afternoon by PATD.
  3. Doing: Chat skype and Limewire.
  4. Looking: The screen.
  5. Feeling: HOT and thirsty.
I haven't write for 2 days am I? Wanna know why? My TV has been blocked by the TV company because my dad forgot to pay the bill from February, *sigh*, so yeah my internet also had the impact.. Shit. And today my internet is finally on again, yay! I thought I won't be online for at least 5-7 days, wew that would be exhausting for me. Hha.

I wanna share something terrible...

Last night I got an accident, well, my car but yes you got the point. So it was like this...

Once upon a night (May 23rd 2008) Dea and I were on our way home from PIM to Cinere - where our house is located. At first, she wants me to drop her off in Cinere Mall, but then she changed her mind and told me to drop her off in a restaurant called Obonk near her house. I agreed. Luckily, it was quite a traffic night in Cinere, thanks to the PLN, so it's easier for me to drop Dea off. (Ripley's) Believe it or not - it will be very hard to believe, trust me - one minute before Dea opened the door, I told her to watch out for angkot that drives crazily here in Jakarta (and elsewhere in Indonesia). She agreed. Not so long after that she called her parent to pick her up in Obonk, she was quite panicked, I assume, because I told her to hurried up because I need to move forward since it's quite empty now the row of cars in front of me. She opened the door without, see the bold word? w-i-t-h-o-u-t, seeing the mirror first. The next thing that happened? Oh c'mon, I know you can guess what happened.

There's a motorbike that, obviously, drove too fast in that kind of situation. Yes, yes, the motorbike crashed my left front door, beautifully. Thankfully, (for him that is) he's okay. But for my left front door? It's damaged, seriously damaged. I can't close the door. I was shocked, seriously shocked cause I had this kind of accident once earlier, end of 2007. I called my mom and told her to come here asap.

I skipped a few details cause I don't want to write an essay here.

The most important moral is: I have to watch whatever things I'm going to say, believe it or not, almost 80% things I said, all of them is definitely going to happen sooner or later. I've experienced this a lot of times with Audi for the past few months, don't believe me? You can ask him yourself then. :)

Yeah and erm, when I wrote the paragraph above my mom just called me from Honda telling me that the door is seriously injured :'( Aww poor poor door.

9:56 PM
Soooooo, I just came home from having dinner with my mom in Sate Tomang in Cipete, I arrived at 9:25-ish PM? Yeah, I guess so.

Oh, you must must must try the food there. It's a seafood restaurant, it's always been my favorite place to eat since back when I was in Kindergarten. It's delicious :9

When I finished my dinner, I replied my boyfriend's text and I waited for 20-ish minutes. Til' then I figured out that he won't reply my text back cause he's..... *DENG DENG* asleep. YES, he's ASLEEP.
I called him a lot of times, but it keeps on failing. Fuck matrix, I can't seem to call him since Thursday night. So yes, he said sorry like a hundred times like he always do when he's fallen asleep. He then replied my text but I just don't feel like replying back his text, so I ignored him.

At home, after finishing my 3 steps rituals before sleep I called him in Skype like we always do before we went to bed every night. But, I tried calling him like 10 times (if you're a skype users, you do realize the waiting part where you wait your phone to be picked up by the one you're calling takes ages right?) but no one is answering my damn phone calls.

I was too lazy to turn on my HP, but I have no other choice than to call him by real phone. Ok, then I called for 3-4 times but still.... no one is answering my fucking phone calls! Not so long after that, I bet he has woke up already cause he FINALLY pick up my phone call, but OOPS! Oh I'm so sorry darling, I lost my mood to talk with you. Yes, and it's all YOUR fault.

Gee, I'm hovering (and reading) over your blog before (since I was bored and currently waiting for myself to be sleepy) I called you and what's that? You missed me? Aww that is just SO SWEET................ NOT!

Tell me boyfriend, what does it feels like to sleep alone for the past 3 days?
What does it feels like to not contacting with me for one whole day?
I bet the feelings is so great, huh?

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