1227; always have, always will.

It's been a while, don't you think so? Haha, I've been quite busy with stuffs about my boyfriend, hhh. Depressing.

So anyway...
Today, well actually... This couple of weeks has been
really hard for me and yes, my boyfriend. Ever since he came back from Oz, all we ever talked - if you can still consider debating as talking - about was... how stressed we were with our current situation. Short story is, there's just this thing that made us fight for 16 days since the night he stepped his feet on Soekarno Hatta Airport.

Yeah, so... I don't write to tell you about what that
thing is, I wanted to share about what I've learned during that 16 days.

I realized, that apapun yg lo mau dari Tuhan, ga akan selamanya dia kasih. I know it's so cliche and cheesy but, seriously... God knows everything. God knows what's the best for us. Gw ga akan blg klo gw ga sering kecewa dengan keputusan Dia, tp... I'm really trying to appreciate whatever God is giving me. With whatever situation you're currently facing right now, don't give up trying to solve the problem. There's always an answer for every math problem :)

Gw dulu selalu bingung kapan gw bs nemuin the right dude for me, okay I know it's too early to think about that, but hey! It is worth the time to think about it from now, you know.

I've never expected to found someone like my current boyfriend, seriously. I mean, we never seen each other in person the first year we knew each other (and 6 months of relationship). Aneh, tp gw slalu ngrasa deket sama dia. Even if he's thousands miles away from me, we never see each other before and such, tp gw selalu ngrasa deket sm dia. He's always been there for me, no matter what I'm currently feeling, whatever what he's currently doing... He always have time to spare for me, listening to every stories I told him... No matter how boring that could be.

I realized that a little late. Well, orang selalu bilang "penyesalan datang selalu telat" bukan? And yeah, it happened to me as well. Gw baru sadar itu setelah gw putus dari dia 1 bulan & 6 days ago. I was a total mess back then. Gw ga pernah nangis selama itu dari waktu gw ditinggal sama orang yg juga berarti bagi gw, bagi keluarga gw (and I know you know that, byby). Cengeng sih emg, cm... Well, I do regret some decisions I chose during my 16++ years of living this planet.

Blablabla, enough sad stuffs.

Today I realized, if he can do all of that for me, why can't I? So I decided to repay him back by lowering my ego (which, usually always wins but not after 1 month and 6 days ago) and tries to support him in whatever he's doing to fix this
thing we're currently facing right now. I've realized that, that thing has been a huge burden for him and I don't want to be another burden. So from now on, I'll try to support him and not being another burden for him coz he have too much of it already and I should've help him, ain't I?

I love you nushy nushy nus...



tara said...

awwww, melin the lovefighter! you're not perfect, he's not perfect.. but [may be] you are perfect for each other!

meilinda ;] said...

awww tara thanks :D
yeah, we might be perfect for each other :p
amiiiiiiiiiin :)

tara said...

jadi iri deeeeeh !

meilinda ;] said...

iri knp taraa?
tak ada yg perlu diirikan kok :s