Finally :)

In 6 months, I won't be sitting on where I'm sitting now. I'll probably be busy in some place else, doing something I've been longing to do. 

Yep, I'm moving.

Home <3

 What are you doing, Chiki? You silly lil' cat :3

 I will definitely miss Dimas, Dylan and especially my mom.
Ga pernah pisah, selalu bareng-bareng. Nanti, kita bakal beda benua T^T

I've experienced most of my firsts here. Thank you, Cinere, for everything.
And thank you, Jakarta, for being something I can call a home for the past 17 years of my life. :)

Cheerio xo


mirzarfina said...

lah kok ada kata beda benua? lo mau ke sana apa ke situ? where will you move?

kan lo bilangnya ke mau ke situ bukan ke sana. kok jadi beda benua? benua? :'(

Melinda S said...

gue mau ke situ, yg lain yg ke sana. beda benua dong? :'( sedih banget, galau setiap malem skrg huhuhu TT__TT

aqessa said...

mel lo sadar nggak itu pas foto kucing lo ada cicaknya mati? hahahah