please be there

Today I woke up with a new hope in my mind
I was hoping that as soon I get out from my room,
I will see you sitting there,
Drinking coffee like you always do

But my hope was wrong,
As soon as I stepped out of my room
I see no one is sitting there
No one is drinking coffee
The only thing I see is emptiness

Where are you?
Where are you when I need you?
The one that I am looking for is you,
But you are not there
You never there for me
You are always gone
Gone in your own fantasy

You are always busy when you are at home
24/7 on your hand phone
Every time I try to talk to you
You never have time for me
You are too busy with your own world

I love you
I need you
You are the reason why I’m living
I don’t have a complete picture without you in my world

I don’t need your money
I don’t need anything else
The only thing I need is you
You to be there for me

If you just can understand this unspoken feeling
This life would be easier for you and me
But I know that life doesn’t work that way
Hoping is all just a dream.

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Anonymous said...

ini buat siapa mel?