i'm sorry.

I am sorry,
I am sorry for all the mistakes that I have made
That has been hurting your heart for a long time

I know I am not a good daughter for you,
But what can I do? I’ve been like this since you left
You left me here alone with an eternity pain,
That you yourself cannot even fix nor erase.

I want you to come back like your usual self
I don’t like you the way you are now,
You’re a totally different person for me
You’re like someone that I never met before

Where are your old self?
I miss the old you.
I miss the time when we spent time together,
Shopping, laughing, and watching TV.

All that is left for me is
Those memories I had when I was little.
The time when there is no regrets,
There is no break ups,
No hating each other.

Now, everything has changed.
It has changed a lot,
And I don’t like this kind of change
Cause it’s hurting me, it’s also hurting you...
Isn’t it?

Please come back,
Stay with me,
Don’t leave me here all alone…

You know I need you,
You know I love you,
You know I care for you.
We need each other.

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