my world IS you.

We were close,
We are not separated,
We are friends,
We are no body.

Then we are separated,
We are so far away,
We are strangers, but still
We are still no body.

I love you,
I need you,
I miss you,
I hate you.

You make me happy,
You make me laugh,
You make me feel that I am special, but then
You make me cry.

I don’t mind crying for you,
I don’t mind always thinking about you,
I don’t mind smiling without you in front of me,
I don’t mind spending all my time doing useless thing,
At least it is about you… I don’t mind, honest.

Cause life will be boring without you,
Life will be black and white without you,
Life will be empty without you.
And those memories we had will be in sepia.

I don’t want to live without you,
I don’t want to breathe without you surrounding my air around me,
I don’t want to think about anyone else but you,
I don’t want to smile without you to make me smile.

And my smile will look stupid,
Cause it isn’t a real smile.
Cause my world will be black and white,
And I hate black and white.

My world is you,
You are my world.


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