Again I go ignoring you.

Today we meet again
We were shy
None of us have the bravery to say “hi” first
It was disappointing for me,
Because my lips can’t even open for that simple word.

Why do I need to feel shy?
Why do you need to feel shy?
Why do we have to feel shy?

There’s nothing need to be ashamed of
We wore clothes,
We already know each other,
We’re not strangers,
But why…why do we need to feel shy to each other?

I want to be more brave about this thing,
I want to say hi, I want to talk to you
I don’t want to ignore you anymore
Cause its hurting me,
It’s hurting me so bad

Do you understand my feelings, dear?
The feeling that I’ve been kept,
Deep inside my heart for such a long time
The feeling that sometimes hurting me,
But I can’t let go.

Why can’t I let go this feeling?
Why can’t I have the same feeling like I used to have?
What’s the point of keeping this feeling if this feeling keep hurting me?
If God said “you can’t let go this feeling, Mel” then tell me God
Tell me the reason why.

I’m very thankful to you,
Cause you gave me the chance to love someone truthfully
But if the feeling that you gave me keeps on hurting me,
I don’t think I can take it anymore.

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