the decision on monday.

Today I’ve made a decision
I’ll give up on this
I’ll give up on you
Cause I think, we won’t and can’t be together

It’s hard for me, is it hard for you?
Today I saw you a couple of times,
But as usual…we can’t talk to each other
I hate this feeling, this feeling’s killing me

Why do I have to feel this feeling called love?
Why do I have to fall in love with you?
Why can’t I fall in love with another guy?
Why can’t I fall in love with your friend?

I’m sick, I’m tired, and I’m exhausted
I don’t want to give up on this,
But if I choose to hold this feeling a little more longer,
I’m afraid that someday I will fall
Fall to the ground,
Fall to a place that no one has ever been there before

What if someday I change my mind to keep on keeping this feeling?
What if someday you finally love me?
What if someday never comes?

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