invisible to you...

Who are we now?
Are we friends?
Or do we have something more than that?
Oh wait a minute, it was just my imagination about we have something greater than that.

I’m getting hopeless on wishing for something,
Because I have too much wishes, I don’t think it will fit anymore

I care about you…
I will never forget about the memories we had in the past
Cause all of those memories, are all that ever left from you
All the memories that I have been kept nicely inside my head

I’ll admit it…
I need you
I miss you
I love you

But hey, what’s the point in admitting all that stuff if you don’t even know that I'm exist?
I wish I was as invisible as you make me feel,
Because I once thought to myself that maybe if I was really invisible,
I will feel a lot better than being alive but you’re not even realize I’m there.


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