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Duh, padahal dr awal2 gue dpt schedule exam this week gue paling g deg2an buat IOC BI exam hr ini. Tp td pagi kok tb2 gue deg2an ya... sampe skrg, gue tb2 jd keringet dingin pdhal gue ada AC, herghh. OW NO! Takut mamaaaaaaaa :'(

Aduh, jam 1.05 tinggal bbrp jam lagi nih. Gue musti baca Dari Ave Maria Ke Jalan Lain ke Roma lg, blom selse. Hummpphh.... argh! DEG-DEG-AN GILAA!! :S

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okay, so I've done my IOC and it was okaayy.. haha, I talk too much repetition I guess.. but it was fine, I hope.
Soalnya td gue liat di criteria sheetnya, Pak Ade Marhadi nulis nilai gue gt di criteria A gue dpt 9/10 and criteria B gue dpt 5/5.
Hmm, I'm still waiting for my brother, Dimas, soalnya gue td slese jam 1.40 jd gue berinisiatif buat nunggu dia deh 1 jam-an lebih, sekalian aja gt biar si manusia g usah ngejemput dia, buang2 bensin & duit tol. *YAAA pelit* haha.
Oh well, I'm bored...

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I'm home already now, the last time I updated this blog I was in the school library waiting for my brother to come home with me. I was really bored you see so I decided to write something while I'm chatting and reading some true life experiences that had happened to a few people, who once experienced the mystery of BERMUDA TRIANGLE - it's for my TOK presentation, no worries I'm not that rajin & niat.

somebody wanna guess what I'm doing right now? I'm currently waiting for someone who fell asleep when we were in the middle of a phone call, which is now mati gr2 td gue lg buka facebook profile. and yet, that someone ga sadar juga kalo dia ktiduran. mana td wkt gue nanya "Ketiduran ya?" dia ngelak pula, org terang2an dia tidur. bego! yaudah skrg gue bosen gatau mau ngapain, pengen nonton TV sih di luar, cman males ah. Hmm, ngapain ya...? (IF yuri read this pasti dia berkata: Mel, mulai nyicil TOK ya...?) Haha :p

I guess that's it for today, bye bye bye! (reference: Nsync's).

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I got the most awesome boyfriend and he got the most awesome internet.
The MOST AWESOME mood ruiner ever, period.


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