Hey, I'm doomed and I'm happy :)

I'm in my depressed mode again.
Blame stupid T.O.K presentation, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!

OH, I'm sorry, am I speaking JARGON to you all?
Okay, okay... I'll tell you what a TOK is.
It is a compulsory subject in IB DIPLOMA where all the students study all the basic things about knowing your knowledge, just like the subject's name, Theory Of Knowledge.
What? Not enough information? Gee, I'm sorry I would love to tell you everything about TOK, but guess what? I don't understand any single thing about TOK. Yay me! :)

So, tomorrow is the presentation day. It took the whole day off, I mean it, whole.... day... off!
Can you imagine it? Only for stupid TOK presentation other subjects was being ignored, nyah.
I like it though, IF and ONLY IF (wtf, I'm speaking logic from math here) I don't have to do the presentation MUAHAHAHAH! (devil666).
So sad to hear though, I have to. Shit!

My gosh, I'm sorry, I guess I've written too many harsh words here. Hmm, I can only hope there's no underage kids who's going to read this blog. *Err, I guess that includes me? I'm still 16, does that count as an underage kid?*

Hm, I just continued writing my TOK part today at 12-ish PM, I'm too lazy to do it from Sunday afternoon, hha. I discussed this TOK shit with yuri, and omfg she's so nice (ciee yuri, besar kepala nih). She helped me with some of my part, now what I gotta do is to read what she just sent me and *DENG-DENG*... trying to understand the whole shit and make a summary for my cue cards so I won't be too nervous tomorrow, still I bet I still am going to be nervous tomorrow.

Hm, it is a little off topic but somehow (I wonder how), yuri and I talked about the decision I made about quitting school and stuffs, and geez... I'm nervous! I still don't know whether my decision is right or wrong, but my Gosh I DON'T WANT TO CONTINUE THIS IB (read: HELL) COURSE! And yet, it is too late to go to UNAS and I don't want to cause I'm very unfamiliar with the whole Indonesian terms. Seriously, I'm c l u e l e s s . . .

Hm, I got nothing else to share for today... OH! Actually I do, hihi.

Today my boyfriend skipped his classes after 11-ish AM (Sydney time) just to keep me company, awww me lovey you nushy! :)



audi. said...

sabar ya melon...i'm with you kok...

so..haha. ya well just read my blog aja knp aku mau cabut jam 11. Well intinya sih I wanna be with you aja haha.

meilinda ;] said...

haha, iya i know nushy. thank you :)

iya, i've read kok hehehe :p