To-do-list this week.

Hm... I'm bored and I'm waiting for my boyfriend to finishes his Ashar prayer.

To do list this week:
  1. Finishes my TOK part for the presentation on Wednesday.
  2. Do the TOK presentation for 10 minutes each person (my group has 3 members).
  3. Thinking about either I'm continuing my IB course or quit, and take an art lesson to prepare me for foundation.
  4. Get a hair cut cut cut! I NEED ONE NOW! NYAH!
  5. Get my mommy a present, even though her birthday was yesterday but... better be late than never. Right? Oh! and Dylan and Dimas too, geez... I'm gonna be broke soon!
  6. Pay the internet and my phone bill.
  7. DIET!! Well, ga usah bener2 jd to-do-list sih cm... control makan lah, I can't seem to control my appetite while I'm at home *sigh*.
  8. Thinking about another to-do-list :p
See you later on with some updates about my life for today ;)


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