This year, to save me from tears

While I'm writing this, I'm currently (after) playing Word Challenge in Facebook, iTunes and not to forget, on the phone with my boyfriend. OH! And waiting for my boyfriend to write his blog for today ;)

I'm having my period yesterday, tje fuk!
That summarizes:
  1. tiba2 suka bete sendiri
  2. makan jd 28x sehari (ga juga sih, tp jd superrrrrrrrrrr banyak!)
  3. giving up on my life
  4. fight almost everyday with my boyfriend; causing a lot of difficulties on continuing our LDR
My gosh, my tummy hurts like hell! (Even if I don't have any idea how hell hurts like)

Okay, last night I went to Grand Kemang to celebrate Tania Soerianto's 17th birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TS!). It was.... okay. There's a lot of food. Pengen bawa si gendut, cuman sayangnya dia jauh. (MAMPUS LU MEL, emg enak LDR?!) Trus my best friend dtg! Yay, kangeeen! The last time I saw her was on March? Dea's 17th birthday.

My God, my hair was shit!! I hate hate hate LOATH it! Gara2 itu, gue foto2 ngerasa jelek banget (emg jelek jg sih gue dr dulu jg) gr2 ponboooool mulu!! Huh, kesel. Trus lepek gitu, najis2. Ini gr2 gue hrs straighten things first sih sm si gendut, jd gue telat berangkat and siap2. Misalnya gue udh siap dari jam 5, jemput dea trus ke salon kan masih sempet. But, gue smalem br siap kayak jam 6an gt, huh, udah too late to go to salon. Padahal gue ke salon mau sekalian cuci rmbt sekalian, baru potong rmbt. Cause as you can see my hair is a total mess. SUPER TIPIS gr2 wkt tgl 1227 gue potong rmbt kan, eh masnya GOBLOK sumpah! Dia tuh nipisin rmbt gue, pdhal gue udah bilang gamau, tp dia maksa gr2 dia blg "Ah gapapa, gak ngaruh apa2 kok, panjangnya tetep aja sama kok :)". APAAN LU?!! Rambut gue skrg liat nih kyk apa! HUH!!!

Yes, yes... Gue emang benciiiii banget kalo rambut gue dirusak sama orang, makanya gue kalo soal salon tuh selective and perfectionist parah, skali ga pewe gue langsung OGAH ke sana lagi, hihi :) Alhasil semenjak itulah gue merasa rambut gue kyk sampah, udah tipis ehh ditipisin lagi? Botak aja sekalian rmbt gue! Huh.

Pengen potong nih, kapan ya....? Hmm.

See? I'm not lying when I told you that my hair suck to the maxx (thieriot <3)


'Cause I'll keep singing this lie if you'll keep believing it
I'll keep singing this lie
I'll keep singing this lie
Are we growing up or just going down
It's just a matter of time until we're all found out
Take our tears and put them on ice
'Cause I swear I'd burn this city down to show you the light

The best part of "Believe" is the "Lie"
I hope you sing along and you steal a line
I need to keep you like this in my mind
So give in or just give up

Sophmore Slump or Come Back of the Year by Fall Out Boy.


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