Hey lover boy <3

For me...
Guys with hats are just... GAHHH!!
and funny, I just realized that fact tonight when I was hovering over Mitchel Musso's pictures in one of the world-know-website-well-I'd-like-to-think-so.
Masalahnya, bkn cm kali ini gw ngrasa cowo pake topi itu WOW di mata gw.
One time, at my friend's birthday party, I was like interested with this guy, her ex's to be precise. AND, he's wearing a HAT!
Oh, and another time was when I saw someone's picture he took with his friends, girls, in a studio. He, somehow, look very... appealing and yeah, different.
BUT, me likey :P

So, anyway here's the picture that drools me around all of the sudden:

ISN'T HE JUST....... ARGH!??

I mean, cute?



kanira supono said...

ahhaa iyaa mel, si mitchel lucu hehe, apalagi kalo lagi jadi oliver di hannah ahaha, dodol banget tapi malah jadi bikin gimanaaa gitu hehehe

meilinda ;] said...

IYAAAAAAA, stujuuuuu :D
tampang bego+lemotnya itu lucu BANGET hihi :D
minta dipeluk gituu :P
wah slera cowo kt sama lohh, suka pat&mitchel hehe :p

kanira supono said...

hahaha iya yaa mel ahhaa selera kita bisa sama gt hehehe