Random, much?

I am not planning to write any blog for tonight actually, but I get bored and I just added this Camera Gear application thing in facebook and that's my inspiration that makes me want to write this post.

I have no idea why, but I feel like... owning a LOT of stuffs. Which are, well, not all of them are really useful and I don't really need THAT whole lots of stuffs, to be honest. But, well, human nature. We tend to buy a lot of junks - if you don't want to call it trash - just to fulfill our so-called-needs.

I used to do that way back then - if I can't tell whether I am still doing that, or not -, where I bought a lot of stuffs which, isn't really necessary. One of them is: clothes!

I can't say I hate shopping, but I can't say I love them either. Coz, to be honest, I'm not the type of girl who loves to spent hours and hours searching for the so-called perfect top, short, shoe, etc. If I like something, I bought it straight away. BUT, that doesn't mean that if I go to another store and I found something else that is cuter than the one I've bought earlier, I also buy that thing too. No. All I can do is "Ah, sial! Tau gt gw tadi jalan2 dulu". Yeah, human nature... Mengeluh.

Ya so, all I'm saying is (this is quite random, btw):

Shopping is all about choosing the right ones. Whether that's a shirt, jeans, shoe, etc. It doesn't matter. Now, life is pretty much the same. Only, this time you don't choose the right shirt, jeans, shoe, etc... This time, you're choosing your path. You're choosing for the decisions from all of the opportunities that came to you, it is your faith to choose the right one for you, yourself.. Not others. So, all I can say is: choose wisely. Coz regrets never say "hello" before you choose something.



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