dear diary...my heart is bleeding.

Last night I had a dream of you again,
It’s been the 3rd time I had you as my dream.
Is it me who really wanted to see your face?
Or is it you that wanted to see me?

But then again, I guess that I was the one who really wanted to see your face.
Cause it is me who had the feeling, not you.
I’ve kept this feeling for far too long,
And no one has ever discovered it yet.

Dear diary, why does my heart beats so fast whenever I think about him?
Please diary, answer me.
I’ve been trying to think about it, but nothing has ever come to my mind.
While I never ever want to ask about it to my parent, cause they will only said that I’m just a kid that’s just too tired of playing stupid cupid.

Why do people have to fall in love?
If someday they will have their heart broken.
Why do people need to be so depressed because of their loves one?
If they already know since the first time they fall in love, that someday they will have their heart broken by their loves one.

This feeling is so fucking weird,
And I’m so fucking confused on why on earth do I have to fall in love?
Cause I already know that someday, he will make my heart broken into pieces.
But then again, I can’t decide whether I should stop loving him or not.
Cause if I choose to stop loving him, I will make my heart break into gazillions pieces.
While, if I choose to keep on loving him he will be the one who break my heart.

Oh God, what should I do now?

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