geez, how I wish I had a long arm

The day we met, I didn’t realize you exist
Until the day, when we finally know each other
But that time, I still haven’t got this feeling
I still think you’re just a regular emo guy

But now, things have changed
After we have separated,
I realized I got this weird feeling for you
But now it’s just too late, we won’t be together

I was a fool,
I was a jerk,
I was a stupid girl that didn’t realize this feeling sooner
Cause when I’ve realized it, its just too late
Too late…

Now you’re gone, and I still here
Waiting for a miracle to happen,
But I know that miracle doesn’t exist
Cause miracle only happen in my dreams,
My stupid fantasy

My love, I need you
I’m nothing without you,
Cause you’re my only happiness
I was a fool, I know but please…
Can you come back here and rewind all those happy memories with me again?

I pray to God everyday to make my only wish come true,
I only want you to be here with me again
And lets make stupid jokes that will make us laugh until we cried
But I guess, my wish was too much to be granted
Cause I know, you wont be here…
Cause my hand cant reach you, you’ve walked too far…

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