Hum hallelujah.

Wew, it's been a while huh? Guess I'm too lazy to continue this blogging thingy, I'm getting bored haha :p

So, going to school today... and yesterday actually, is such a waste of time, energy and fuel. Wanna know why? I got a lot of free lessons (and some of them, I made it myself, tee hee =p).

For the whole week, BM & CHEMISTRY is only for HL students. Well, actually SL students for chem have to go to class today, Icha said Ibu Vica told her so, but as I've said earlier, some of the free lessons I made it myself. Hha.

Yeah so basically today I cut classes for four hours straight! Wow, it's so amazing! HAHA :D My gosh, I'm soooo brave! (Oh I'm so proud of myself, hha) But well, the idea of cutting the 3rd and 4th period was all Dea and Nat's idea, I only want to cut chem (5th and 6th period) but they said: why don't we cut the whole 4 periods straight? Well, it doesn't really matter I guess for me to cut my 3rd and 4th period class, I have Bahasa Indonesia with Pak Ade but he's absent, so yes :) Oh and later on, when I met Kanya she told me that there's no substitute teacher for my Bahasa class, so yeaaa haha sama aja :p

Wanna know something soooooo stupid and silly?

Natalia, Dea and me went to the library to cut our classes right. But then, when the first 2 periods has ended Nat began to panicking. She said "Aduh Mel, gue takut nih cabut kelasnya si Tria, hbs dia kyk serem gitu! Dia jg kayaknya tadi udah liat gue deh, duh Mel, gmn dong?" and stuffs like that over and over again, until Dea started to be pissed and wrote "Guru di samping kita ini paling sensitif sama kayak gituan, so stop saying nervous oke?". Yeah, so all of the sudden Nat become a little bit calmer, but not for long...

At 10.40++ish all of the sudden, Pak Shaun and the remaining students of his class (that including Dea, actually) come to the library. Stupidly, Dea become panicked and stuffs so she ran to get her shoes and come joining the other classmates. Pak Shaun asked her something about how can she knew that the class is going to the library? And blablabla, the point is, at the end of the conversation between them two, Pak Shaun told her "Are you physic or something?" HAHAHA! I wanna laugh, but then I figured out I'm in library so I can't.

Because of the incident, Nat is panicking again. The rest of story doesn't really matter but in the end she decided to go to class again. How brave she was, huh? With the fact that she's so late coming to Theatre class.

So I'm alone then, but not for long cause Dea came back and told me that her class is having this one-on-one interview with Pak Shaun for the TOK essay shit that I don't wanna know. Not so long after that Monica, Emira, Kanya and Nesya came to my place to... I don't know for what, haha but yeah it become quite crowded then.

Blablablabla, I ignored some details of the things that had happened for the remaining day.

The point is: I'm (trying) to have fun for this couple of days until June 6th next week, since it's my last 10 days (or so) in Sekolah Global Jaya. It's quite a shocking news for me myself and of course my mom by the fact that I wanted to quit school and starting my foundation program in Limkokwing in Malaysia by (hopefully, amiiiiin) February next year. Wish me luck! :)

Oh, and I got tons of pictures of today's cutting classes thingy, enjoy! ;p

All of the orders are mixed up, the very end is actually the very first. Vice versa. :)
I'll miss you all (and a lot of other people too) :')


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