I can't give you a reason.

  • Listening to: Only One by Yellowcard.
  • Feeling: Bitter side of love and hungry.
  • Thinking: If only there were no distance between us.
I'm hopeless.
I've been trying to fight the thought of the distance.
We've agreed not to talk about it, not until you come home.
But love, I just can't.
We fought again today, with no reason in particular.
It's just me, it's not your fault, really.
I kept on having this doubt, you see, doubt of whether I can do this.
Can't you help me figuring things out?

12.08 pm.

[11:14:42 AM] Adrian Prabowo says: i need some time on my own today
[11:14:56 AM] Adrian Prabowo says: we'll talk again tommorow ya melon

If that's what you wanted, then fine.
I'll leave you alone, not just for today or tomorrow.
I won't, ever, bother you again.
Good luck with everything from now on, Audi.


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