7 things.

OLA! :)

As you can see, I've updated my blog again and this time I felt good at what I did. Since, I think my previous one was too... white, it blinded my eyes! o.0 So anyway... As you can see, di bawah SHOUT! ada youtube videos that I've added. It's soo cool! Gw baru tau ada feature itu, haha gw jarang ngeupdate sih :p Soweeyy.

Anyhow... Td wkt gw asal2 pencet one of the videos, I watched this dude with a green polo shirt AND A HAT plus his friend with a hoodie AND A HAT (haha, wth with caps locking the "AND A HAT" words?). Videonya sih menurut gw rada2 aneh, maksa and jayus but funny fact was pas gw udh slese nonton that video gw kan diemin my laptop bntr to watch TV trus I got bored and balik ke laptop then I checked my blog page again right... Nah wkt gw balik2 itu, gw kyk liat ada video yg gambar depannya si HANNAH MONTANA (read= drama bit*h). Since I was wondering what video that was ya gw buka lah and gw tonton, ternyata oh ternyata that video was a parody of her video clip called 7 Things which was released not so long ago (oh, and u got to listen to it. It's good!) which was made by the green polo shirt dude AND A HAT yg gw tonton sblmnya. HAHA, this time I gotta say it's superrrr hilarious. He sang, he danced, and kayaknya he's in a band deh. Coz, gw td smpt liat bbrp instrument gt. If you wanna watch it you can click here and watch it for yourself haha :) I got to be honest, the green polo dude is CUTTTTEEEE :D tee hee :')

Okaaaay, so... I got several to-do lists I wanted to share:
  1. Go to BCA and take some cash buat bayar internet & pay my phone bill.
  2. Go to AQUARIUS to buy PANIC AT THE DISCO ticket! OMG I can't believe they'll be here in just 2 weeks! AAAA :D Ryan, I'm coming!! :) :)
  3. Go to Limkokwing yg di Kelapa Gading (read=planet mars --') buat apply for my Uni I'm gonna take in (hopefully) February 2009.
For now, that's the only things I can think of. Kayaknya gw ada bbrp hal lg deh, kok gw lupa ya? o.0 oh well.. See you guys later! :)


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