Pertama: karena I woke up (at usual hour) doing something I rarely done before: hanging out at the kitchen. HAHA! That's a new thing for me since me and kitchen doesn't really mix that well, so yeah... Even if I don't cook today, still.... gw baca buku santapan selama 30 hari! Again, me and book like those don't mix together.

Secondly: My friend just told me that Panic At The Disco ticket harganya turun 300 thou, WAHOOO! From 650 to 350, I AM SO HAPPY :D Jadi my money that my parents gave me masih nyisa deh 300 thou, not bad huh? :p Semula I wasn't sure about it coz yaa ini rada tiba2 aja, pdhal kan konsernya kyk 2 minggu dr skrg (17/8). But then tb2 there's like a POP! in my head: "Hey, dia kan ikutan Jakarta Concert jadi dia pasti tau lah soal ginian." Then I searched "Java Musikindo" in google trus gw buka site mereka and there it is: tribune ticket for PATD is 350.000, nyaaaah :D :D :D

Thirdly: Now I know what's missing from my to do list! (In my previous post, I forgot what is my last to-do list)

+++ Burn a few pictures into a CD-R and go to multiminus (well, it's actually multiplus tp dulu gw pernah ke sana untuk ngerjain tugas and ternyata: they don't have MICROSOFT WORD! What kind of warnet is that?!) utk ngirimin ke Oktagon for my nilai. Those pictures ga baru sih, in fact itu udah lama and gw asal jepret doang tanpa using the basic knowledge - hence, back then when I took those pics I didn't know about the triangular photography shit. So, yea... I'm just hoping it'll satisfy the materialistic teacher though, tee-hee :)

Anyway.... Yesterday I got my fridge on my own, inside my room! How cool is that? HAHA! Gw berasa tinggal di apartment tau ga gara2 I have TV, computer, bathroom, etc smuanya di kamar haha..... Berasa anak kos :p

Good night guys & toodles! :3


audi. said...

so schmallest it is. hahahaah.

btw its so random how you could think of kitchen in your boredom time..u noe...out of all things.hee.

meilinda ;] said...

ikhhh, ikut2 aku ngmg "schmall" blaa..

bkn random, soalnya my mom was cooking and i was wondering dia lg masak apa and i can't find other "fun" things to do other than that.

audi. said...

biarin wek.

hahaaa. so do you learn how to cook again?

meilinda ;] said...

wek wek wek... kwek kwek kwek.

well, kinda... i guess? haha at least im still better than u : p

audi. said...

trio kwek kwek. donal bebek. tetek bengek. Kolor robek. Sambel cobek. Mie Tektek.

udah udah hahaha.

hahaha. Shankyuu.

meilinda ;] said...

HAHAHAH SUMPAH that is superly random by :P

haha shankyuu kan how japanese people said thank u. nyahaha.

audi. said...

hahaha i knowww. ahhaha. aku gitu hunn.

haha, kamu nyadar jg ya melanie?

meilinda ;] said...

iyalah, KAMU gitu haha :p

sadarlah, cmon... I LOVE JAPAN and its people especially TETSUYA OGAWA huahuahu :P

audi. said...

exactly ahhaha.

ahhahaha dasar kamu nih maniak hahaha. ck ck....

...and chubby too.