Oh boy...

When I was watching a movie in one of my friend's house, it happened.
It's been a few days we have a peaceful conversation, so does last night. That is: before it happened.

I found out that you was staying very late at your friend's house, just because I stayed late at my friend's house. Your reason was: well, since you're not going home then I'm not going home either. I am still wondering why, why... why. I got pissed a little, but I tend to ignore that feeling coz I don't want us to fight, again. I was online for approximately 10-15 minutes in my friend's computer just to find out that you broke your promise; you talked to her.

Kay, I was a little shocked but again there's no reason for me to get mad coz nothing is happening between you two, other than friends. Hopefully, that is.

This morning I woke up seeing something I rarely seen before: no text nor miss call(s) from you. Which shows me that you had a really fun time there, yay you! You had so much fun that you've forgotten to text just to say simple thing as, I don't know, mm... good morning? I'm waiting and waiting until I'm finally on my way home; still no call nor text. I just had to call and then hung up for you to realize that I'm wide awake and waiting for some news from you, seriously dude... How insensitive are you? O,o

As soon as I arrived at my house, after taking a break from a long, exhausting drive I went online just to find out that you've been having too much fun with him. No wonder, seriously... No wonder. All of my curiosities just *POP* away out of my head with a very obvious answer. We've been fighting about this four times now (that is the one I can remember, what about the same fight that I didn't remember?), every time he's around means that you'll be having trouble remembering me. How ironic.

Yes, I am avoiding you. If you can't tell which is very likely to happen knowing how insensitive you are.


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