Mommy's day : D

Happy (belated) mother's day to all mothers in the world!

A special note for my beloved mom, thank you for being who you are right now. I know you're not perfect and you will never be, but I'm thankful of who you are right now. Thank you for always understanding me, thank you for always being there for me regardless the situation. I'm sorry that I might not be the daughter you've dream of but I promise you that I will try to be one and hopefully that day will come soon. I will always love you mom, no matter what happened between us. And I promise you that.

So anyway, yesterday I made a little surprise for my mom. I've been thinking of doing something for mother's day since Saturday after I watched a commercial by Partai Demokrat (PAK SBY!!). I never remember when mother's day is, 'cause I never actually celebrate it. But after I watched that commercial, I thought "Oh yeah, mother's day is on December 22nd. It's Ashley's birthday too!". So on Saturday I'm thinking real hard of what I should do for mother's day, but I didn't get the answer until Sunday evening. I was thinking of giving her either a bag or a dress but when I asked Dimas he said we should just give her a bag and so I thought "Yeah, why not? She wanted those gigantic bags anyway". But on our way (Dimas and I) to the mall to buy her the present suddenly I remember my mom said "No one bought me a birthday cake on my birthday" then I felt so bad. So yeah, I went to Holland Bakery first to buy her a cake. I was so confused on what cake should I buy 'cause I hate those kind of cakes (I never actually like sweet food though). Now I know why, it's because there's rum in it and I hate how the rum felt, eww yucks!

Oh yeah so anyway, at the mall after window shopping for a while I still couldn't find the perfect gift for my mom so instead of just asal pilih kado I decided not to give her anything yet. But last night, while looking over at yesterday's photos I decided to give her that day's photos in a nice frame but yeah belum terlaksana sih cause I couldn't find the right day to go out, cuci film and find the perfect frame.

Anywhoooo, here's some pictures from yesterday's surprise :D

PS: If you're wondering why my mom's hair and face is kinda a mess, well it is a surprise. So we surprised her while she was still asleep. Tee hee ;)


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