Untuk kesekian kalinya gue mimpi tentang mantan temen gue berinisial "I". Anehnya, di setiap mimpi dia selalu nyakitin gue dengan ngerebut orang-orang yg (pernah) gue sayang dan jujur waktu gue bangun pun gue ngerasain sakit hati dalam mimpi gue tersebut. Seperti semalam.

Mimpi gue selalu random, ga pernah ga random. I guess that's just how it is for me, everything is always random - whether it's me or my dreams. As always in dreams, things aren't very clear, it's always blurry and so am my dreams. Di mimpi kayaknya gue lagi di sebuah tempat di luar negri, in a few scenes I realized I was with my cousins but in the other scenes I was with a friend (ex friend, that is) and my first ex boyf. I couldn't really remember how it starts tapi gue bener2 inget how it ended. I was in a room with a few other people (couldn't remember who) and my ex-friend. Somehow she and I get into a fight and my ex showed up out of nowhere. It was all so blurry that I can't remember why we fight. Anehnya, mantan gue itu somehow kenal sama dia and yes, he and I also get into a fight because I don't understand why dia lebih ngebela "I" instead of me. Then I remembered they went out of the room and left the (supposedly to be) house with his car. Ga lama gue terbangun dan tiba-tiba aja hati gue nyesek banget, aneh memang. It's just a dream but somehow the dream bener-bener terjadi to me makanya gue ngerasa sakit hati banget.

I guess it's just a trauma from what really happened to me a few months ago and I think lukanya masih ngebekas banget di hati dan pikiran gue. Wew, well done you guys!

Anyway, enough talking about the past. A few weeks ago when I was watching MTV, I was watching this new video clip from a new band called Forever the Sickest Kids with their first single called Whoa Oh! Gatau kenapa ya, gue semula sama sekali ga tertarik but one thing yang akhirnya ngebikin gue keep on watching was the vocalist's voice. Super duper mirip sama suara Patrick from FOB! Gue semula mikir maybe this is another collaboration yang dikerjain sama dia, cause he did a lot of collaborations with other band/singers. And di video-nya tuh (sialnya) yang nyanyi ganti2 dan pas gue liat ada this dude wearing a blue and white t-shirt and dia mirip banget kayak Patrick, only, he's not wearing any hat (His name is Caleb anyway). Gue smula mikir "Buset, Pat ga pake topi?" itu suatu hal yg ga mungkin karena kalo lo penggemar FOB lo pasti tau kalau seorang Patrick Stump ga mungkin ga pake topi!

But then in other scene there's this dude wearing a red&white hat which makes me think that dude was Patrick, soalnya gue pernah liat Patrick pake topi warna merah&putih. If you see the video, you'll know kok. He's playing the keyboard and from his myspace site I think that dude's name is Kent (dilihat dari jambang rambutnya yg mirip Patrick). But anyway, all I'm trying to say is that this band is pretty cool and totally worth to listen to! :3

Anyway, to make things clearer you can check this link and watch the video so you'll understand what I meant, biar ga bingung gitu tee-hee and siapa tau lo jadi suka sama mereka jg, kyk gue ;) Soalnya selain dari that link, you won't find any site yg ngebolehin lo watch their video. I've tried youtube and their myspace but it says that Indonesia di-prevent buat nonton itu, wth?! Anyway, here are some pictures about the guys I've been mentioning earlier (+ their vocalist)! They're all so cute!






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