Catching up with me! :D

AAAAA! Senang! Akhirnya I have the chance to write something, hihi. It's been a while :)

Anyway, some updated stories that I haven't been able to tell.

Angels&Airwaves Concert, December 9th 2008.
One word: COOL! Yes, they were - especially Thomas (duh!). I really really likes how he performed, it's like he's just having fun in what he's doing and couldn't care less about everything else. That is why I loved loved loved Blink-182. They were just a bunch of guys who are having fun doing what they're doing and persetan dengan yg lainnya. Even though they're much much older now, kyknya mereka masih memegang prinsip mereka. Mwaaaaah ♥

IPMI Fashion Show, December 12th 2008.
Two words: AAHH SENANNGGG!! : D I am so happy that Neumatt gave me the chance to be there and take photographs of the entire fashion show, thank you Neumatt! :) I really am loving photography world, especially models! I just think I can explore more with models than just benda mati!

The same old ex-crush.
So, on Friday after I went to the fashion show, somehow me and 'I' had this conversation, which I think is weird and unusual. At first we were just talking in facebook message, since somehow he can't write on my wall (after a while I finally figured out why). Not so long, I get tired and then went to bed. But then I get bored. I went online from my phone via ebuddy and said "hi" to him, since in our previous conversation in facebook he asked me why am I not online in MSN - he said he wanna catching up stories (dude, since when?!). After a while, out of no where he started to talk the brother-sister talk again with me and not to mention he said he missed me. I seriously don't and can't understand apa sih yg sebenernya dia mau dari gue? Berulang kali dia ngelakuin hal yg sama dan berkali2 pula jg gue masuk ke perangkap dia. Emang dasarnya gue lemah terhadap dia kali ya? Haha.

Today he's supposed to go to my house, he said he wanna visit my house after a year and a half not seeing me. But then later on tonight he told me in MSN that his dad asked him to go for a dinner so he couldn't make it, I'm a little disappointed but a little happy too, somehow.

I reconnect with a lot of old friends tonight, from my elementary friends: Demia and Windy. From Global Jaya: Debra, Yuri, Fida, Kezia and Velika. And an addition, he's my new friend: Didit and Surya. Oh! I almost forgot the guy who is supposedly come over to my house, Zillion or I would call him "Z". I spent almost 6 hours sitting in front of my laptop and talking to them, individually and at a different time.

I just uploaded a picture to my DeviantArt (the same picture as I've uploaded above) and a lot more to come, so if you're interested just go to this link. DON'T FORGET TO GIVE ME A CRITIC OR COMMENT, OKAY? :)

That's it for tonite I guess, it's 1.36 AM, Didit just went offline and I have no one to talk to now, aww I'm lonely ;(



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