di-opname, fufufu.

I have like two major news that I wanted to share, but I couldn't, cause like I don't have my laptop right now and it sucked, so yeah... (Haha, apaan sih gw).

Now I'm currently using my very old computer at the office room upstairs to go check on my facebook and write this. I'm really really superly excited to share my stories about the Angels and Airwaves concert and how a lot of things surprises me and of course, the current news is the IPMI fashion show held at Senayan City 8th floor yesternight at 7.45-09.00 PM.

ARGH, pengen cepet2 crita tp ga afdol rasanya kalo cerita without my deary laptop. Cause I wanted to upload some pictures as well! *Sigh* Oh well, I guess I just have to wait and so... are... you! :)



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