W00T W00T!! :3

Yeah, I bought the ticket JUST today and thanks God the tickets are not finish!! :) OH SO HAPPY, LALALA~

I'm gonna meet up with a friend since he's going to do me a favor. Since he get the meet&greet pass, I asked him to get me a signature of Thomas DeLonge, AAAAKKKHHH! I could seriously cry if he can actually get me a signature of him, AA AA AA AA AA....!! I'm SO excited now I'm super hyper. And, I also asked him to find a nice spot to see the concert, A A A A A A A I can't wait for tomorrow night! :3

Oh yeah, a friend of mine asked me to do a lot of new things that I never could imagine of doing. She wants me to use contact lens, get a piercing and tattoo! Gah! And all I can say as a reaction of all of that was "HEH?!" Okay, first thing first. Contact lens? RIBEEEEEET! Piercing? I'm allergic of any kind of earrings, whether it's made of plastic, gold or even silver! I don't know why, but every time I start using any kind of earring my ear started to itch and bengkak O_O And obviously, I scratch it. I can't stand wearing earrings since a few years ago, can't remember exactly when, that is why until now I have never wear earrings for a long period of time. A few weeks ago I started to wear earrings again, since I am afraid if I don't the holes will closes itself but then I realized my ears started to itch and yes, it is BENGKAK - -' I am curious why my ears reacts that way, but yeah... I can only make an assumption that I'm allergic to any kind of earrings.

Last thing: tattoo. I am a little interested of having one, since I've been imagining of having a tattoo since a couple years ago but my tattoo won't look like those scary ones. Instead of having characters tattoo, I want my tattoo to be just a name of a very special someone to me, MARK :) I've been wanting to have a mark tattoo forever! But yeah, never get the chance of doing it. To be honest though, I am a little bit worried and unsure about this since it is a permanent tattoo but ahh, don't mind it. Probably I'm getting a tattoo with my friend next week, but we're gonna check the tattoo place out first on Wednesday. Ah, can't wait! So excited :D


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