MY GOD! Saking stress and depressed-nya gw every time I think of him and all the bad things he did to me (and some of our schweeeet memories - don't worry, I won't forget that :)) I almost forgot how hideous he looks like! LOL (O MY GOD, I think I like that term, don't you?)! He already is a not-so-handsome-or-cute person back then, but now he becomes this really... ugly... fat... gay, I mean, guy! My God, no wonder my mom asked her friend how in the world could I be in a relationship with him back then, now I see what she sees. Hmm, interesting.

Anyhow, I'm sorry for the comments, I'm being very sarcastic lately (well, udah lama sih but this time is worse). I guess it's because the insomnia I'm having since a month ago, like now... It's freakin' 2:52 AM and I still don't feel sleepy, at all. Because of this I always woke up at lunch time, paling awal ya jam 12an paling parah ya jam 2 PM - so far.

(Second) Anyhow, I think I know where I'm gonna put up my tattoo (whenever I'm having them *sigh*). Di pinggul blkg, tee hee ;) Awalnya emang gw maunya cm tulisan "Mark" and I'll put it on my left wrist but now I'm thinking of having complete "Mark Hoppus" jd lebih make sense aja kalo ditaro di sana, instead of a short "Mark". It'll look weird, don't you think so? Well, I do.

'Newaaaay, a couple days ago when I'm hovering over my friend's journal in DeviantArt, she put a link into her blogspot. I was a lil' curious about it so I check it out and there it was, a nudity-black&white picture of a girl's "private hair" (if ya'kno what I'm talking about) on her blog (blog tgl: December 11). It's kinda inspired me to do a similar thing, but obviously I won't take a picture of "mine" and post it out in website. What am I, a psycho? (NOT that I think she is, I think she [whoever the model is] is very brave :)) Yaa short story she inspired me to do a whole lot more of photography than I currently am doing, y'kno something more unusual and out of the box :3

Ahh~ So, it's 3.30 AM and still can't sleep. Worst part is gw sampe skrg blm cuci muka & gosok gigi! ARGH!! Jam brp gue bakal bisa tidurrrr??



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