I had an awesome weekend, what 'bout u?

So, exactly 7 hours and 5 minutes ago since I dropped Rio off at Pasar Pondok Labu to catch a bus cause he's going home. Dammit, I hate this "missing" feeling y'kno. I know this is weird but I seriously HATE, correction, LOATH the feeling of missing someone. SERIOUSLY. Like, just after I dropped Rio off I already missed him like WHOAAA! The weird thing is, we've spent the last 3 days 2 hours together haha and still I'm not satisfied yet. Blekh.

Yeah, I know... You'll probably thinking weird stuffs about us for spending the last 3 days 2 hours together, I really don't care. Haha. Truth to be told tho, we did nothing except being lazy around my house for those 3 days.

On Saturday (7th March) was our first meeting again after 1 week not seeing each other (that's our longest record not meeting each other - so far), I pick him up in DH. After that, we were talking for a while deciding where should we go first before later on that night we went back to McD DH to meet our friends. He suggested to go to his sibling's (coz I don't know whether it's a brother or a sister of his) house first, I asked "What should we do there?" he answered "I have absolutely no idea" then we laughed coz we were stupid - -' After that suddenly Rio came up with the awesome-est idea ever (since the day that I first meet him again that is), which was to go to PIM. And I said "Okay, that's a great idea! It's been almost a month since the last time I went there" so there we went.

At PIM, we were even sillier than ever. Coz we had nothing planned out, so we decided to just take a walk around PIM 1 and 2, haha stupid. That is until I said to him we gotta find a place to sit coz I have to talk about something that has been on my mind for the past few days, so then we went to A&W PIM 1 to talk. It was really awkward, seriously. I hate that kind of situation, where I have to talk about something serious. I mean, c'mon! It's me! I'm random, silly and spontaneous. It's so unlike me if I become a serious person, haha : D SO yeah, but then again I HAVE to talk so I'm changing my usual self from silly and spontaneous person to a more serious me. Tee hee =)

So, blablablabla we talked and talked and talked and sometimes during our "talk" I replied a few text messages from my friends that were asking jadi ga ktmuan di DH. Uh, then after the talked somehow I felt so relieved. Yeah well, who wouldn't be relieved if you just blurt out the stuff that has been a burden for you for the past few days? So yeah, after that we decided to go to McD DH coz Arikar said he's on the way there. Which was a lie actually, soalnya pas nyampe di sana Arikar baru sampe like 10 minutes after I called him asking him where he was that second.

At McD DH, we were seriously bored. Like, saking bosennya sampai akhirnya tiba2 Arikar nyeletuk "Eh, ke puncak yuk!" and we all just simply nodded and agreed. HAHA, bego ya? So there, we went to Puncak. It was a Saturday night, so u can imagine how bad the traffic was. We were stuck for like almost an hour ga lama setelah keluar dari tol. Bzz, sucks! =x

At Puncak, Arikar and I were hungry so we ordered soto mie. Which was, err, okay I guess. I mean, it's not that bad and yaa lumayanlah bisa buat ngisi perut dan bikin badan hangat coz I only wore tank top and a very thin sweater. Haha : D Rio told me to use his jacket but I refuse, kasian tar dia yg kedinginan lg hee.

At 1.30 ish o'clock, we decided to go home and on the way home Arikar tb2 jd nyeremin banget, SUMPAH! So, waktu mo ke tol kt ktmu mobi Swift gt dan itu mobil jalannya kenceng banget gilaaa. Arikar agak merasa tertantang jiwa racernya jadinya kita ngejar itu mobil deh, tp gila super cepet banget sampe2 Arikar can't keep up. Dia sih kyknya seneng2 aja ngebut, tapi penumpang lainnya udah pada berdoa khusuk2 minta ampunan sama Tuhan hahaha : D Apa lg wktu di jalan tol, tau sih jalanan kosong tp tetep aja! Dia speed smpe 180 KM/H, siapa yg ga cemas coba? Oh well, so anyway we arrived at McD DH again around 2.20 ish (hebat ya? ga sampe sejam plgnya haha :D) after that Arikar lngsg cabut soalnya dia ngantuk. Sialnya Dion dan Dandy ga mo langsung pulang, dia malah nyaranin di DH aja sampe pagi soalnya mreka berdua blg "Tanggung ah pulang jam segini, males gue!" bzzz, tp krn gue hrs plg (nykp TUMBEN2nya nyuruh plg cpet) jdnya gue paksa mreka utk cabut walau dengan sangat terpaksa mreka hrs ikutan gue ke rmh. Coz my mom told Rio to accompany me home, soalnya udah pagi dan gw nyetir sendiri. Gtu deh.

Di rumah, we were just talking talking and talking - well, most of the time Dandy and some times Dion did all the talking, I'm just listening. Saking lamanya dia ngoceh, mata gue udah beraaaaaat banget. Eh tp pas udah bs dtutup Rio malah bangunin, bzz ahah. Jam 6 mreka took off, but Rio stay. Ya iyalah, dia mo naik apa plg? Haha. Plan awal sih dia plg kyk sore kalo ga ya malem gtu krn kan gue mo ke PIM sorenya ktmu Lia&Lina tp krn gw ngantuk bgt akhirnya batal ke PIM. Mana malemnya nyokap ngajakkin ke Citos, so there we were at Citos.
Batmaaaan! Makasih udah mau nemenin aku... Maaf jg td aku sempet marah, hehe PMS PMS :' P

So yeah, that's basically how I spent my weekend :D Pretty awesome and unique, huh? Hehe :'D

Here's some pictures, I'm not gonna upload all of it... It's already in my facebook account :)

Anjrit ini dingin banget gw hbs numpang pipis di mesjid trs kan lewatin air2 gtu, gilaa air nya kyk air es T_T

Dion, Arikar, Me, Rio :)

The guy with the blue shirt is Dandy.

my batmaaan :)

Hehe some people say, he's the "obat nyamuk" for me and Rio :' P

Veteran boys in angktn '03 ;")

Gays that I l♥ve

PS: Not so long ago, me and W.A had this serious talk over text mssges. And oh my God, he's so wise now! I'm shocked O,o Thnk u yaa W.A for all the advices :D and makasih udah mau dngrin aku crita hehe :' P



Anonymous said...

dia mo pinjemin jaket? aaaaaaaaawh! hehehe ;p loh si rio emang gak sekolah ya mel?

Melinda S said...

he eh dia mo minjemin jaket hihiy :p jadi malu aku :' p

rio cm smpt smpe 1 sma tar, trs wkt itu dia dpt beasiswa photography ke jerman trus yaudah mutus SMA deh. hehehe. seru yaa, aku ingin deh dpt kyk gt.. mn bs jalan2 ke luar negri for freeeee!! *drools*

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaah asik bgt! jd skrg dia motret2 aja? kmrn temenku nawarin jd asisten nicole patricia, tau ga? tp dia nawarinnya cuma gitu gitu aja sih. nah katanya enak klo jd asistennya bisa diajak2 ke LN juga

Melinda S said...

ngga sih, dia kerjanya macem2 biasalaah bolang haha bocah ilang+petualang mksdnya : p bkn cm bocah petualang haha

dia kl g salah mo ke jerman lg april nanti, tau deh bnr ato ga. kl bnr, aduh males bngt T_____T *ngrti kn mksdnya tar?*

siapa tuh tar nicole patricia? haha