Wishes actually do came true.

It's a love story, baby just say "yes".

I know this might sound superbly insane or whatsoever, but trust me it's real.

So, around mid 2007 I was bored right cause I haven't had a boyfriend in a while so then I randomly talked or, we could say asked, to God that if I could have a boyfriend in the nearer future I want him to be innocent and never had a girlfriend before me. So I'm like asking for someone that is completely clueless about dating, haha.

Why? I have no idea man, I'm random, remember?

So yeah anyway. I got what I wish for, haha. Seriously. Not so long after I made that wish there come a boy named Adrian Prabowo or everyone else called him Audi. He's this super innocent guy who never had a girlfriend before, have only liked a girl (like in serious terms) once and that's it. Haha, weird isn't it? I wish for someone that is completely clueless about dating and I actually got it! HAHAHAHA, I can't stop laughing because of it. Hey, I'm laughing not because of him but it's because the fact that I actually got what I wished for.

He's an ex now, so forget him.

Then. After I broke up with him, I unconsciously asked for a boyfriend that is different. And what I meant by different was that I want to date a guy that is someone I never actually liked or even dated before. AND GUESS WHAT? I GOT IT, AGAIN! YEP! HAHAHA.

Well, he's not my boyfriend yet or whatsoever. We're really close but yeah not yet a couple. He's actually a friend of mine from primary school. I met him again like almost a month from now (13th Feb) and ever since that meeting, we become closer and closer to each other. The thing that makes me laugh tho, the first time he and I had our first serious long talk was when he talked about his ex girlfriend that I mentioned earlier in my blog. I recommended stuffs to do to him and that's it, just like what friends do to each other. Listen and give feed backs. But then again, I guess because of what I did that night he realized that I'm being someone that is understandable, caring and etc. (Jijik, minta digampar banget ya gw?) No but seriously, I'm just re-saying what he said to me a few weeks ago. I'm not making this stuffs up :)

SO YEAAAAAAAH. When I wished for a boy that is completely different than the past guys I've been crushing/dating with, that wish actually came true. AGAIN. This time, the whole package is in Satrya Damarjati or others like to call him, Rio. He's a smoker, he rarely come home, he's always out somewhere in Jakarta, he couldn't care less about what people think of him, he rarely have credits for his phone, etc.

WOW! Isn't it?
I know you might not believe what I said, but well it's up to you. I never tell a lie, unlike some people ;) Tee hee.


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