Ketchup with Moi (read: catch up with me) (;


I've been on hiatus for quite a while from blogspot cause... err, actually I don't really know why. I just can't came up with ideas on what to write, but theeeeen! TA DA! I AM BACK PEOPLE SO THAT MEANS, I HAVE TONS OF STORIES TO TELL! And by that it means that I'll divide my post into several parts and yeah, wait for it! :)

So for my first post, I'm gonna write something that has been on my head for the past few days: I'm gonna share a lot of silly and sad moments I've experienced in the past week.

Here it goes...

So, well I haven't told you guys this but I've been very miserable for the whole month. If you ask me why I'll probably geleng-geleng dan bermimik muka sedih cause I have no idea! I've been feeling pretty down and sensitive the whole month, and that is why I'm planning to pulang kampung to Jogja. But quite a few people prevent me to do so. I mean for me, myself, I think that's what best for me. To go out from Jakarta and get out from all the noisiness this city makes but then it means that I'm running, or I may say, menunda menyelesaikan masalah yang ada. And no, I don't do that, apparently. I even had a dream where I keep on running from my mom at the mall and I ended up with my best friend! Crazy much? Yeah.

But no, that's not the crazy part yet.
The crazy part is that the next morning my boyfriend (now ex; story about how we broke up coming soon) texted me and we talked about blahblahblah until at some point we agreed that we are gonna meet up in Lamandau. If you wonder why, well... we were both felt kinda bumbed up about life and we needed a getaway, and YES. We did! Where to? MONAS! HAHAHA :D Lame and err, silly but I really don't care. All I need that day was just to get out and not seeing another person that lived under the same roof as I do.

OH AND! Guess what? My best friend also texted me that day, I was like "Wth?". The funny part was, she also dream about me the previous night. HAHA, geez... I guess we really do have a bond, huh, Li?

So yeah, basically that day I spent most of my time with Rio. After we meet up in Lamandau we went straight to Blok M to catch a Busway and there we went, MONAS! :)

OOH OOH!! I almost forgot to tell you a funny story that happened the night before!

So, I was crying my ass out right and I called a friend of mine. I asked for an opinion whether I should or shouldn't go, and my friend told me not to, cause of personal reasons. Erm then I also asked Ran about train stuffs cause he'd been to Jogja with a train before so I asked him for info. After I got the number I was like "YAAAAAAAAAY! Gue skrg tinggal nelfon deh trus nanya2", so then I did.

Here's what happened next:

Me: Halo?
A guy: Ya, halo?
Me: (bertanya dengan pede namun ragu2) Mm, mau nanya mas... Apa bener ini nomer telfon stasiun gambir?


A guy: Aduh salah mbak, ini nomer telfon kantor MONAS!
Me: (Di benak gue) HAH? Ahh kok kantor monas sih? Emang monas ada kantornya ya? Buat apaan? AH momo nih, malu2in aja! Huff... Oh gitu ya mas, oke salah sambung berarti. Makasih mas.


ADOH GILE, hahaha bisa2nya gue salah nelfon! Bodoh, bodoh, stupid. Bzz -_-'

Trs yaudah, malem itu I spent most of my time distracting myself from thinking about things that have been a burden to me. Sampe akhirnya Rio called me (cause earlier that night I tried to call him but he didn't answer and he texted me what's up and I said I needed someone to talk to and blahblahblah) and when he called I told him what happened. Thankfully, Rio isn't the type person who's always try to calm me down with words like "Udahlah, nanti jg berlalu" blahblahblah. Dia ngmg sesuatu yg emang realistis. Oke, gue tau kata2 seperti "Nanti jg berlalu, sabar aja" emang bener, cman at some point when you're feeling f*cked up and stuff I don't think you need to hear those words, right? And yeah, gitu deh.

So after that he accompanied me and try to calm me down, and yeah he succeeded cause at some point in our phone call that night we randomly talk about something dan ujung2nya he said "Gue cocokan jadi kenek bus kali, bi". DAN ENTAH KENAPA after that I had a very WILD imagination of Rio and a bus and errm, hahahahahahhahahahaha... aduh, ngakak gue. Coba bayangin ya, ikutin gaya imajinasi gue yg awesome tee-hee ;)
Rio badannya sekurus ini:

Trs kalian tau enggak soal layang2 berbentuk ikan yang selalu dikibarkan di Jepang kalo lagi ada festival2 gt? Namanya Koinoburi, ini gambarnya:
taken from here.

Nah, di situ gue ngebayanginnya gini:
Rio kan kurus, tipis kan, kyk rapuh gitu deh. Ya kan? Nah dengan badan sekurus itu, mau jadi kenek? Ga salah? Gue bayangin dia yang kena angin aja langsung terbang gitu, tiba2 pula gue langsung kebayang soal Rio gelantungan di blkg bus metromini dan berubah menjadi Koinoburi. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kenapa Koinoburi? I have absolutely no idea, I guess it's because the fact that he have a big lips:

Mirip kaaaan? BHAHAHAHAHA.
Ayank ayank ayank, maaf ya jangan ngambek ke aku hehehe :D

Pas ngebayangin itu, anjrit! I swear, for more than 10 minutes I laugh my ass off non-stop! Gue bahkan sampe nangis dan Rio di seberang telfon udah yg kyk bete gue ktawa2in, tp dia jg ikutan ketawa HAHA. Aduh, ayaaaaaaaaank!!!!! Grrr gemes banget guaaa >,< OKAY.
Back to the next day where Rio and I went to Monas. Kita di Monas kan sampe jam 7an gitu, soalnya ya we took the busway and we couldn't stay late like we always do since busway have time limit. AND me, myself, didn't bring my car to Lamandau. I took the cab. So yeah, we have time limit that day. SURPRISE, SURPRISE haha. So we went back to Blok M and as soon as we arrived there, Rio and I had an argument. He told me to go home, but I don't want to since I don't feel like going back home. So yeah, we kinda argue about that for like more than 5 minutes until we finally decided to just walk back to Lamandau and decide there.

At Lamandau, I still couldn't decide where I wanna go, obviously not home. So after a long few minutes of depressing silence, I finally said "Yaudah, ke Taman Barito aja yuk" then I held his hand and walk from in front of Koffka to Taman Barito. As we arrived there, we were superly shock knowing the fact that there are A LOT of couples there. Almost every single corner being invaded by them, haha LOL. So we finally decided to sit down di salah satu pinggiran di danau. Yes, they have danau - -'

Di situ, Rio and I were talking and talking and talking aaaaaaaaaaaaaand at some point we were joking right dan di situ gue saking gemesnya mendorong Rio, PELAN! But guess what happened? DIA JATOH AJA LOH NGEJENGKAL GITU KE BELAKANG! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :D Untung both of our reflex are pweeeeeeetty awesome so I held him tight dan dia pun tangannya langsung menyangah belakangnya so pantat dia ga, or I may say, haven't touch the ground. tee hee (; sorry ya anjing.

Ck, bisa ngebayangin kan Rio seentang apa cuma gue dorong pelan dia bisa HAMPIR jatoh? HAHAHA. Aduuuuuuh!

But then later on that night Rio was sleepy jadinya dia yang tidur gitu di salah satu tempat di situ, tapi lantai. Ck, alay banget sumpah HAHA. Jahat tp ya, gue ditinggal cengo gitu sedangkan dia tidur, tp gapapa. Soalnya habis itu I had the chance to take a super aib picture of him:

Okay I guess that's it for this post, I'll write another one as soon as I've finished my shower. OOH! But I do have something to tell you, unimportant but yeah it's kinda funny.

Jadi beberapa hari lalu when a friend of mine in plurk wrote "Aduuuuuh panaaaaaas, panaaaaaaaaas" I randomly commented something that made me and another friend laugh. Guess what my comment was!

"Aduh sorry ya Ta, gue lagi baca yasin"



Rio said...

Bhahaha kocak kocak mskipun menjelekan gw but really its funny :D makasi ya bi (:
kayanya isi ni post 70% kelakuan bodoh ak ya :D

Melinda S said...

bheheheheh yoi sama2 syg :D
emang dasarnya kamu jg kelakuannya slalu bodoh sih njing hahahhah canda :p

Dhandhy Hilwandra said...

maafin ak ya yg mslh tlfon gmbir

Melinda S said...

hahahhahahah its okaaaaay momo :)
malah kocak2an kali.. it kinda made my night *scara itu udh malem bkn siang lg jd gbs ngmg 'it kinda made my dad'*
makasih moo atas info2nya :)