H+7: Music is like a heatbeat. It follows you everywhere

Music sucks. I hate music. Cause music is everywhere. I can't seem to find a day without listening to it, it's addictive and yet I hate it.
I hate music cause it always reminds me on how I am so desperately want to know how to play musical instruments, but I can't. I hate music cause it's always reminds me on every single moment that had happened while I'm listening to a particular song. Music just... tells so many stories, in just 3-4 minutes.

 Fun fact #1: I cried when I heard they're breaking-up in 2005
Fun fact #2: I cried (again) when I heard they're re-united last year
Fun fact #3: F*ck, I have to see Mark before I die!!

Every relationships I had always introduces me to a new genre of music I never thought I would listen. Like once I dated a guy who introduces me to punk-alternative such as Blink-182, Simple Plan, etc. While beforehand, the type of music I listen to was Hilary Duff, Westlife, F4, Backstreet Boys. But guess what, punk-alternative? I LOVE IT. Up until now, that would be my most fav genre in music history. You can check my iTunes if you don't believe me. Then, I dated a guy who introduces me to indies and rock type of music. Not liking it too much, but you know there's always a song or two that could stuck in my head and I could play it on repeat for a period of time. And the current relationship I have right now, introduces me to a not-so-new type of genre, Korean. It's not a new thing for me, really. Cause in 7th grade, I love Mandarin music. In 9th grade, I gave my heart to L'Arc~en~Ciel which is a Japanese band. And now, Big Bang have again, stolen my heart. Ooh, and it's a Korean music. (I guess I have a thing for Asian boys)

Fun fact: I used to listen to their songs all the time (my boyfriend gave me) but, I started liking them (and their music) not because my boyfriend always giving me their songs but when I randomly youtube-d their videos and realizing there's this uber-cute guy named Choi (T.O.P - right side) and he has the most killer eyes e-v-e-r!

I don't know, I guess I'm the type of person who opens up about music and basically listen to all sort of music, and I don't really care what others think about my taste in music. But still... that doesn't change the fact that music sucks!

You wanna know why I say music sucks?

Since earlier I told you every relationships I had always introduces me to a new genre, which happens to be cool and you know I could fall for, but... Every time I break up, music is and the only connection I have that could reminds me of my past relationship. And that sucks. Real bad.

Fun fact: I used to debate who's the most awesome band ever between FOB and Blink-182 with my ex, and we could spent hours debating about it.

Every time I break up with someone, I suddenly stop listening to that particular music I used to listen to when I'm with him. It's actually pretty weird, the reason I have for stop listening to music but that's me! Like a few years ago, me and my ex could just sing to every Fall Out Boy songs but when I broke up with him... Every time I hear a Fall Out Boy's songs, I could just grab and stuck a cotton inside my ears until it finishes. I don't know, music could hurt me sometimes. And I just started listening to Fall Out Boy again about a couple months ago, and it still have its memories which I honestly don't want to recall.

Music is just too awesome, it sucks.
That's what I think, and I'm keeping it that way.

 Fun fact: Tetsuya Ogawa (bassist - left side) is my second obsession (after Mark Hoppus, Blink-182). And I also have to see him in Japan, before I die.

Ooh! I have a huge thing for musician, especially bassist. Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 and Tetsuya Ogawa from L'Arc~en~Ciel are both very smokin' hot bassists, there's other bassists that I adore but is not that important to put here. And for the love of God I hope I could have the chance to be a bassist's girlfriend or something in the future (amin!!!). They're just uber smexy!

Cheerio xo

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